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Ford’s Mustang Mach-E straddles the world of EVs, SUVs and muscle cars

It’s a bold move that could help the automaker catch up with those that already have electric vehicles on the road. An EV SUV is always a smart move in the US. Calling it a Mustang just a bit of icing on the cake. There will always be a purist backlash, but for the average person looking for an EV that’s from an automaker they trust, it’ll pique their interest.

Ford seems to want to have a version of the Mach-E available for all types of drivers. It’ll be available in five trim models starting at $43,895 and will start rolling into showrooms in late 2020. The First Edition (270 miles at $59,900), Premium (300 miles at $50,600) and GT (235 miles at $60,500) showing up on the road first. The California Route (300 miles at $52,400) and Select (230 at $43,895) landing in early 2021.

The cars will be available all-wheel or rear-wheel drive depending on the trim level and options available. Rear-wheel-drive versions will have a single electric motor while the all-wheel-drive versions will shop with two power plants. The torque and horsepower will also vary from 255 horsepower and 306 pounds-foot of torque all the way up to 459 horsepower and 612 pounds-foot on the quick GT level that’ll do zero to 60 in under four seconds.

Ford Mustang Mach-E unveil

The battery packs available on the regular models will be 75.7kWh pack with the extended range getting a 98.8kWh pack. The vehicle will support charging up to 150kW.

In addition to all the tech under the hood, the interior will sport the next-generation Sync infotainment system which looks way better than previous generations that the automaker unveiled a few weeks ago. It’ll include the FordPass charging network feature that shows available chargers in the nav and along a route.

In the car is a large portrait display. Sort of like a Model S. At the bottom of the display is a single knob for control. Of course, it also supports touch and it can answer conversational requests via “OK Ford.” The company took a quick swipe at Tesla when it noted that it also has a dash cluster display.

The Mach-E supports over-the-air updates and has a phone as a key feature that works via Bluetooth.

Ford announced that eventually there will an update that’ll bring hands-free driving to the Mach-E.

An electric vehicle that’s an SUV and also a Mustang is a no brainer for the company.

Ford Mustang Mach-E unveil

Ford famously announced it would stop selling cars in the United States except for the Mustang which continues to be a hit for the automaker. Instead, it’s decided to focus on SUVs and trucks. It’s a business decision that mirrors the country’s desire to drive larger vehicles. The result of that is the company introducing it’s first big EV as an SUV with a Mustang badge.

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